Choice Capital is an investment group focused on acquiring, operating, and growing
small to mid-size companies in the United States.

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Our mission is to identify business owners who are committed to the continuity of their business but would prefer less day-to-day management responsibility. We are interested in taking an active leadership role within the company, building upon your legacy, while providing flexible options for the transition of your business.

Unlike traditional private equity funds, our group is uniquely structured to build value through the hands-on operation of businesses, not through financial engineering portfolio of companies. This means that we focus heavily on delighting customers, improving operations, investing in existing employees, and pursuing organic growth to create value.

Choice Capital Private Equity Strategic Buyer Individual Investor
Goals Continue building the company legacy. Maximize profits by cutting overhead costs, reducing headcount, and financial engineering. Absorb valuable parts of business while eliminating the rest. Lifestyle management.
Source of Capital Diverse & proven investors, operators, and entrepreneurs. Institutional investors; pension funds, endowments, with profitability mandates. Private or public companies, often scrutinized by shareholders / stakeholders. Individual.
Commitment Full commitment in operations. Portion of resources allocated & board seats. Based on size of company, # of redundancies  &  redundancies. Unknown.
Post Close Job Partner with employees, customers, and  suppliers,to grow. Fit company in current assets under management. Actively seeking synergies and cost cutting opportunities. Status quo, continue most operations as is.

We are committed to the continued success of your business and building growth and value over the long-term.

We recognize that selling your company is one of the most important decisions that you will face as a business owner.  Choice Capital’s management team and investors are successful business operators and investors who understand the concerns of privately-owned small businesses.

We will also strive to preserve your legacy and structure a transaction that works for you.  Our philosophy revolves around stewardship, commitment, integrity, and flexibility.Building lasting businesses is our passion.  We are a partnership of experienced entrepreneurs, operators, and investors who have a deep commitment to operating and growing healthy companies.

We are seeking US based, privately held businesses to acquire and operate, which will provide you, the Entrepreneur, with an option for transitioning the business through a complete exit or a reduced operating role.

Choice Capital is actively searching to acquire a majority ownership position in a privately-held business from an owner seeking a full or partial exit.  We have the flexibility to structure our investment to meet your unique needs.  Choice Capital Management will assume an active, day-to-day operating role within the company and will work closely with existing management to position the company for future sustainable growth.

  •  Payment Processing
•  Lending
•  Insurance
•  Financial Services
•  Green Energy
•  Manufacturing
•  Construction
•  Media
•  Services
•  Other – related businesses

•  Sizeable and growing
•  Consistent reoccurring revenues
•  Minimal cyclicality
•  Low complexity operations
•  Fragmented market
•  Low disruption risk

•  Annual revenues of $5M to $50M
•  $1M to $5M of EBITDA (Net Profit)
•  Operating margins of 15%+

•  Entrepreneur is seeking to retire or to have a reduced role in the business
•  Dedicated team that want to remain with the business
•  Owner willing to participate during the transition period

About Us

Building lasting businesses is our passion.  We are a partnership of experienced entrepreneurs, operators, and investors who have a deep commitment to operating and growing healthy companies.

We are dedicated to taking a long-term, hands-on approach in acquiring and growing privately-held businesses.

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Choice Capital Management LLC.
10 Columbus Boulevard – 6th Floor, Hartford, Ct. 06106
info@ChoiceCapital.xyz | (212) 234-4419

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